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Hunan Honyu Wear-Resistant New Materials Co., Ltd. Academician Workstation was built in November 2013 under the approval of Changsha Municipal Government. It is one of the first 10 Enterprise Academician Workstations in Changsha City.

Guided by the innovation needs of the company, based on the technology research capability of Central South University, the company invited the Academician Qiu Guanzhou and his team from the Chinese Academy of Engineering to work in the workstation for the research of wear-resistant new materials of ball mill products and its industrialization. The company has also invited experts to make joint efforts to tackle key technical problems that can affect the development of the company and the industry, and consulted them about key strategic decisions, so as to promote the commercialization of research findings and the cultivation of innovative talents, and promote the development of the industry.

Academician Introduction

Qiu Guanzhou, Male, born in 1949, Doctoral Degree, graduated from Central South University in 1987 and majored in mineral process engineering. He is the first doctoral graduate majored in mineral process engineering that graduated in domestic university.
Professor Qiu Guanzhou is a renowned scientist in mineral engineering. He has served as the Vice-Chancellor of Central South University, and still serves as a Doctoral Tutor at present. He was elected as academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering in December 2011. And he has been awarded the title of “National Youth and Middle-aged experts of outstanding contribution” and “Chief Scientist of 973 Program”.
Professor Qiu Guanzhou has been committed to the research of the processing and utilization of low grade metal mineral resources in China. He has made outstanding achievements in the flotation separation of fine granular and sulfide mineral, and the direct reduction of iron ores, especially in the biological metallurgy of low grade sulphide ore. And he has been awarded the title of “National Technology Expert of Outstanding Contribution”. He has published more than 97 thesis and 5 books. He has also won multiple prizes, including 2 national level second prizes for his technology inventions, one second prize and one first prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award, 2 prizes of Top 10 Science and Technology Progress of Chinese Colleges and Universities. He took the position as academic leader in the National Natural Science Foundation project in 2003. He was also appointed as chief scientist of the biological metallurgy project of National 973 program respectively in 2004 and in 2009. He also acted as Chairman of the 19th International Conference on Biological Metallurgy in 2011 and was elected Vice Chairman of the International Biological Metallurgy Association.
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