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Honyu Wear-Resistant New Materials Co.Ltd is a high-tech enterprise engaged in research, development, promotion and application of new material,The total assets of 10 billion, It was established in 1995 and was listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2012. It has 7 majority-owned companies and minority-owned companies both at home and abroad, Hunan Hongyu Intelligent Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is its holding subsidiaries.

Our company has 3 core technologies: High-efficiency, Energy-saving Technical Solution for Ball Milling System, Programmable Ion Permeate technology, and High-energy Ion Beam 3D Spray Welding Technology, which are all at the levels both at home and abroad. Among them, High-efficiency, Energy-saving Technical Solution for Ball Milling System have been selected in “State Key Low-Carbon and Energy-Saving Technologies Promotion Catalog” by National Development and Reform Commission.

The company's high-efficiency ball mill integrated energy-saving technology is widely used in mining, thermal power and cement industry, the maximum reduction of 40% of ball mill power consumption, the maximum reduction of 70% of ball mill material consumption.

Programmable Ion Permeate technology is an internationally leading metal surface treatment technology. It does not contain any heavy metal and has realized zero discharge of waste water and exhaust gas, so it can significantly lower the pressure imposed by traditional high-polluting metal surface treatment technology on the environment after it is widely used. The metal parts after Programmable Ion Permeate technology deal with, whose wear resistance is 1.5-2 times of electroplated chrome and corrosion resistance is 5-10 times of electroplated chrome, can be widely applied to such fields as machinery, military, auto parts, aerospace, navigation, aviation, high-speed rail, hardware and moulds.

The company's high-energy ion beam 3D spray welding technology, is the most sophisticated metal surface strengthening technology, but also green remanufacturing technology. It can prolong the service life of high end components such as wear parts and high speed rail tracks.,also can make the failure of high-value components such as metallurgy rollers,, precision gears to restore or exceed the original level.

Our company's 3 core technologies will make a significant contribution to the construction of resource-saving and environment-friendly society.
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